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Braille printing

Braille printing house of "Uspeh Filter SSB" Ltd. was established more than 50 years ago. It is the only printing house that adapts and prints textbooks in Braille, accompanied by illustrations and drawings.

In the beginning it printed periodicals of SSB. Subsequently, the printing house produced textbooks for all classes (with embossed illustrations and drawings) for special schools for blind children.

Literature and dictionaries are also issued.

Braille printing house provides the following services in Braille:

  • adaptation and printing of textbooks for classes from 1 to 12 for special schools for visually impaired children in Braille;
  • literature and reference books in Braille;
  • making business cards (combined - Braille and offset);
  • signboards with Braille signs on paper, plastic and iron sheet;
  • prepress for Braille print of  labels on packages (drugs, etc.);
  • performs all kinds of bookbinding services for making of braille books (glue, spirals, sewing, etc.).

The Braille printing house of Uspeh Filter SSB applies modern technology in braille printing.

Braille printing house has several double-sided Braille printers - printing on paper and embossed-frills machines for printing in Braille on iron sheets, plastic sheets and more.

The printing house works with paper weight from 120 to 200 g and the sheet thickness to 0.25 mm.

The size of the Braille font is standard and cannot be changed.